Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rainy in the Upper Tanana Valley

Closed low aloft chugging across the northern Gulf of Alaska has brought copious rain to the upper Tanana Valley and 40 Mile Country. Saturday evening through 7am Sunday, Northway has over an inch of rain, Tok and Chicken around three-quarters of an inch of rain. Snow level in the eastern Alaska Range around 7Kft. Much less rain farther west.

11am Update: Event rainfall amounts now exceed an inch at Tok and Chicken and 1.25" at Northway. This is the third heavy rain event in the upper Tanana Valley in the last three weeks.

2pm Update Event total rainfalls so far:
Chicken 1.63"
Tok 1.47"
Northway 1.38"
Mineral Lakes RAWS(Tok Cutoff) 1.19"
Eagle Airport 1.18"

5pm Update:
Rainfall rates are generally decreasing but storm totals are getting to be quite impressive:
Northway 2.02"
Chicken 2.01"
Tok CWOP 1.50"
Mineral Lakes RAWS(Tok Cutoff) 1.33"
Eagle Airport 1.29"

The higher amounts are close to 20% of the annual mean precip

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  1. Great pics and observations. How do I become a fan?