Thursday, December 2, 2010

Morning Lows

A bit warmer in the Fairbanks area this morning, with temperatures mostly 20 to 30 below in valleys. However, it has cooled off in the eastern Interior and along the upper Yukon River. Chicken Coop came in with a low of 48 below, which I think is the lowest reliable temperature in Alaska so far this winter. Northway had 45 below. The NPS automated station at Coal Creek, between Eagle and Circle, had 45 below. On the Yukon Flats, the somewhat less reliable, but probably reasonable Chalkyitisk RAWS had 47 below and the Beaver Creek RAWS 46 below.


  1. That's cold. -30F is OK, but that is cold.

  2. Sure doesn't look like 40s below for Fairbanks-land anytime soon, though I understand some private weather forecast company is forecasting 40s below here around mid-month.