Friday, January 21, 2011

Another nippy one

The Fairbanks area was generally a few degrees warmer Friday morning than the day before, while up on the Yukon Flats it was a few degrees colder.

Lows include

Fort Yukon Coop: -56F
Circle Hot Springs: -53F
Central: -53F

Eielson AFB: -43F
Fairbanks Airport: -39F

For the coop stations that do their observation in the morning, the following may have (probably) occurred Thursday:

Goldstream Creek: -48F
East Fort Wainwright: -44F
University Experiment Station: -35F
UAF West Ridge: -33F

Coop obs from Thursday evening:
North Pole: -50F
Aurora: -38F
Fairbanks Midtown: -35F
East Farmers Loop: -30

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