Thursday, April 7, 2011

Big Storm Churns On

The monster storm in the Bering Sea has brought a variety of not so spring-like weather to a large chunk of Alaska, with some details in this News-Miner article. The wind damage at False Pass is noteworthy, as being at the western end of the Alaska Peninsula they often gets strong winds. Here in Fairbanks-land there has been a little snow, but no great shakes.

The 4am ADT analysis shows the storm has started to weaken, but it's still packing a punch. At 10am ADT this morning St George, in the Pribilofs, reported a peak wind of 76 mph. The NOAA bouy (46045) that is a couple hundred miles west of the Pribilofs recorded a minimum measured pressure of 940.0mb at 9pm ADT Wednesday.

Update: Cold Bay wound up with a peak wind of 91 mph.


  1. Pretty impressive gradients. Windy as!

  2. So what is the lowest recorded pressure for a Bering Sea storm? This looks like a pretty impressive storm.


  3. That's an interesting question. Presumably the storm that produced the 925mb observed pressure at Dutch Harbor in October 1977 was deeper than the. As I recall, the NCEP reanalysis had a max depth about 6 hours prior to the center being closest to Dutch Harbor.