Thursday, July 14, 2011

Siberian Heatwave

No, this is not a repeat of a post from last summer. Major heatwave building in central Siberia.

Yakutsk reported max temperature of 95F on Tuesday and 96F Wednesday (Alaska Time). Amga, southeast of Yakutsk had a high of 97F Wednesday.

The numerical models keep this going several more days at least.


  1. Hey!! I've been keeping track of the weather in Siberia too!! They might even break 100 in a couple of days. I find the climate of Siberia to simply be fascinating with super cold -40 and -50 weather in January and sometimes 80s and 90s with humidity in the summer. Of course this most recent heat is dry heat but maybe more humid dewpoints of high 60s will be coming within several days!!

  2. Hi,

    Where in Siberia is there upper 60s dew points ever reported?

  3. Yakutsk, Siberia has had dewpoints that high last summer around this time. I think you can find it on the weather underground site.


    Take a look between 7/18-7/23, 7/25, 7/29-30. All of those days recorded mean dewpoints in the low-mid 60s with max dewpoints in the upper 60s. It was also hot during those days giving Siberia an almost tropical feel. The average dewpoint that month was 56 degrees which is probably much warmer than Fairbanks. Although I will admit that July 2010 was an anomalously warm month.

    I'm not sure if this station is as reliable as your typical NWS station, but it's probably the best we have for details in obscure places like Siberia.

  5. I work with several people that have been to Yakutsk (and a couple that have been to Omyakon). Yakutsk is a big city, and the met office there produces forecasts for all of Yakutia. The obs there are as good as anywhere in that part of the world. I had forgotten that dew points got that high last summer. Hourly obs from Yakutsk are available at:

    the ID is UUEE