Saturday, May 26, 2012

It's a Soaker

 May only rarely brings soaking stratiform rains that send Interior Rivers out of their banks, but this is one of them. Here is the Saturday morning hydrograph from the Chena River near the Mile 40 Bridge. In addition to much more rain than anticipated, this rain also accelerated high elevation snowmelt. At the Munson Ridge SNOTEL, at 3100' MSL south of Chena Hot Springs, there was still a snow depth of four inches being reported Friday morning, which is now down to one inch, which is at the noise level. Fairbanks Airport set a new precipitation record Friday with 0.52 inches of rain.

Other rain amounts in the area include
Salcha River RAWS: 1.23 inches
Mile 40 Chena Hot Springs Road: 0.99 inches
Birch Lake RWIS: 0.94 inches
Woodsmoke near North Pole: 0.77 inches
Fort Knox Mine: 0.70 inches
Keystone Ridge: 0.68 inches
Aurora: 0.62 inches
Fairbanks Mid-town: 0.59 inches

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  1. That is a pretty good rise. I'll resist making comments on the forecast portion of the graph.