Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's a Hot One

June 23 2012 1200 UTC 500mb Analysis
Friday was the warmest day of the summer thus far across much of Interior Alaska, with highs in the 80s at low elevations and well into the 70s at high elevation.
The 500mb analysis at the right, courtesy of Environment Canada, shows a classic pattern for hot summer weather in Interior Alaska with a closed high centered over the central Yukon. 

Specific high temperatures include:

Eagle (Co-op): 87F
Mid-town Fairbanks: 83F
Woodsmoke: 83F
Fairbanks International: 82F
Goldstream Creek: 82F
North Pole: 82F
Tok: 80F
Keystone Ridge: 78F

Saturday looks to be a few degrees warmer as the airmass continues to warm. 

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