Saturday, March 23, 2013

Late Winter Cold on the North Slope

It's a sunny morning on the western North Slope as this 9am AKDT webcam from Atqasuk shows. Not atypically for this time of year, it's cold too.  Low temperatures through 9AM include:

Atasuk: -37F
Barrow: -34F
Inigok RAWS: -30F
Umiat RAWS: -29F

These are not to record low levels: the record low at Barrow today is -42F set in 1925.

1 comment:

  1. Nothing like Spring in the Arctic. Good picture Rick.

    We had a dwelling/generator fire in Umiat at -54F in the '80's. Fuel, outboard motors, equipment, and a small building all lost during the night. Only snow (on the roof and thrown for several hours) saved the quonset we lived in. Generator preheater was the source.

    Daily sun helps warm things up some. Great place to visit and work.