Saturday, June 21, 2014

Interior Flooding

Flooding from the regionally heavy rains continue on this Summer Solstice Day 2014. The Salcha River at the Richardson Highway Bridge crested at 11pm Friday with a gauge height of 18.34 feet, as seen in this hydrograph:
Image Courtesy of the Alaska-Pacific RFC
This is the fifth highest crest of record for the Salcha, and the third highest summer crest (the other two being spring break-up floods), and the highest summer crest since August 1986.

On the Chena River, the river crested at the Granite Tors Campground late Friday morning and has now reached the Moose Creek flood control project. At both the upper Chena and Hunts Creek guage (above the dam) this was the 6th highest of record and highest crest since 2003.
Image Courtesy of the Alaska-Pacific RFC
As of late Friday evening there was water into low spots on the Chena in town Fairbanks, including the bike path at Pioneer Park.

In addition to the rainfall totals Brian posted last evening, some event totals (from the evening of June 17 through the evening of Jun 20) from cooperative and other observers include:
  • Salcha River 20 Mile: 3.09 (thru morning of the 20th)
  • Gilmore Creek: 2.81"
  • Fairbanks 11NE CRN (at Gilmore Creek): 2.79"
  • Aurora: 2.74"
  • Goldstream Valley Bottom: 2.64
  • North Pole: 1.97"
  • UAF West Ridge: 1.73"
  • Keystone Ridge: 1.73"

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