Saturday, November 20, 2010

Winter Rains in Fairbanks

With rain on the way for Monday, here is list of the major winter rain events in Fairbanks:

Feb 8-10, 2003: 0.29 inches of rain with trace of snow. Schools closed for two days due to very icy roads.

Dec 24, 1970: 0.22 inches precip mostly rain; 0.6 inches snow

Jan 20, 1963: 0.44 inches rain, trace snow

Jan 20, 1937: 0.99 inches of rain, no snow and temps in the mid 30s

Jan 10, 1937: 0.20 inches then changed to snow

Nov 24, 1936: 0.42 inches rain, mixed with snow for a while in the evening.

Feb 6-7, 1923: 0.30 inches of precip, Trace snow, temps in the 30s

Mar 6-7, 1921: 0.34 inches rain, trace snow

These are all of the events that I know of between November 15th and March 31st that produced two-tenths of an inch or more of rain.

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