Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fairbanks Soaker

From Fairbanks northward there has been a decent amount of rain the past few days. Nothing extreme, but enough, over a long enough period of time to soak in and help boast soil moisture. Coming right before the 4th of July holiday weekend, the timing is good too. Here are some rough totals the past five days:

Angel Creek RAWS: 0.7 inches
Fairbanks Airport: 0.8 inches
Eielson AFB: 0.8 inches
Keystone Ridge: 1.4 inches
Munson Ridge: 2.3 inches
Chatanika River RAWS: 3.2 inches

As of this morning's situation report from the Alaska Fire Service, 262600 acres have burned in Alaska thus far this season. There's potentially still six weeks left in the active fire season, but a good soaking is a good way to be going into July

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