Friday, June 24, 2011

Rains in the Eastern Interior

Eastern Interior Alaska was soaked Wednesday night and Thursday with widespread moderate to heavy rain. Above are hydrographs from the Fortymile River at the Taylor Highway and Birch Creek near 101 Mile Steese Highway. The Fortymile is about to go over flood stage. The much smaller Birch Creek has already crested.

Total rainfall Wednesday and Thursday include…

Ben Creek RAWS (above Coal Creek on the Yukon River): 2.58 inches
Birch Creek RAWS (east of central above the Steese Highway Bridge): 1.43 inches
Chicken RAWS: 1.07 inches
Preacher Creek RAWS (northeast of Circle City): 0.81 inches

The rain got about as far west as the east side of Fairbanks, with most places east of town receiving around a tenth of an inch of rain early Thursday evening. There was no appreciable rain from Fairbanks westward.


  1. Wow that is reminiscent of last year. I saw Taylor highway washed out again. It looks like this rain was much more widespread than the one last year.

  2. Yes, very much so, though not as much rain in the upper Tanana Valley/Eastern Alaska Range.