Monday, July 9, 2012

Frost on the Pumpkin

Ester Dome webcam courtesy of the FAA
Clear skies and a cool airmass allowed temperatures to drop to unusually low levels this morning, which a freeze in some of the lowest valley spots. To the right was the 4am view from Ester Dome.

Low temperatures included:

Goldstream Creek: 30F
Chena Hot Springs: 32F
Woodsmoke: 32F
Chatanika: 34F
Eielson AFB: 37F
Nenana: 37F
North Pole: 39F
UAF West Ridge: 40F
Keystone Ridge: 41F
Aurora: 41F
Fort Wainwright: 42F
Fairbanks Airport: 44F


  1. I was in Fairbanks to the 5th July - was that the end of summer? ;-)

  2. Hi Terry,

    No, not the end of summer, though the mid-atmosphere pattern is evolving over the next week into a classic late summer pattern with a big high aloft over the North Pacific. This is often (not always) the set-up for deep southwest flow over the Interior and attendant low clouds, rain, etc.