Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Clear skies and a cool airmass allowed for a more widespread a frost and freeze in the Fairbanks area than has hitherto been the case, though most of urban Fairbanks and hillside areas escaped.

Reported lows include:

Goldstream Creek: 26F
Eileson AFB: 29F
Chena Hot Springs: 29F
Mile 42 Steese Hwy: 32F
UAF West Ridge: 35F
Fort Wainwright: 36F
Fairbanks Airport: 37F
Keystone Ridge: 41F
Clearly Summit RWIS 43F

Here's a nice view from the top of Ester Dome about 6am Wednesday morning, with some thin ground fog on the flats: 

Photo courtesy of the FAA


  1. Why is the North Slope so warm this summer? Does this perpetual warmth have something to do with the record low sea ice coverage in the Arctic Ocean? Even so, how can the Arctic ocean be warmer than the Bering sea? Thanks

  2. Trung,

    Good question. Answer is partly the loss of sea ice but mostly persistent southerly flow aloft. I'll do a post on this.