Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Snow in Atigun Pass

Courtesy of the FAA
Alaska DOT reported four inches of new snow on the Dalton Highway on top of Atigun Pass (4700' MSL). The SNOTEL at the top of the pass reported a couple inches of snow on the snow pillow for a few hours Tuesday morning.. The 9am Tuesday webcam photo from Chandalar DOT looking northeast shows snow far down the shoulders of the mountains.


  1. Rick,
    Will that snow stay indefinitely, or will it melt? thanks

  2. Mostly already melted, and what isn't will be in the next few days, with warmer weather set to return to Interior and northern Alaska.

  3. Im doing a science project on solar energy but If I get sample solar panels do they come with energy readers because I need to see differences before and after? Thanks !!