Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Strong Inversion Morning

Quite a strong inversion has developed over Fairbanks as the airmass has warmed under the high aloft that is centered over the southern Chukchi Sea.

Analysis by Environment Canada

The temperature plot from the morning sounding shows a temperature increase of 16C (27F) in the lowest two hundred meters (note: I have reason to believe that the surface temperature that was encoded of -26.1C is too warm: I've adjusted the surface temperature to the value of 11Z Fairbanks ASOS observation).
Late Sunday morning temperatures in Fairbanks-land range from 11 above at Wickersham Dome to 26 below at Fort Wainwright. Here on Keystone Ridge, the temperature hit 10 above Saturday evening but has been mostly in the 5 to 8 above range Sunday morning.

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