Monday, January 7, 2013

Different Paths to Low Snow

Here's a plot of cumulative seasonal snowfall at Fairbanks for the past two winters through January 7th: I've taken the liberty of assuming that snowfall today will be trace or less. The totals are almost exactly the same, just about 30". Last winter though was typical of the "nickel and dime" snow that Fairbanks so frequently gets, while this winter 60% of the snow (so far) fell in one week.


  1. Rick,

    Very interesting! By my count there have only been 17 days with measurable snowfall in Fairbanks this season, which appears to be close to but not quite a record. The data I have indicates the lowest number of measurable snow days is 19 through the end of January and 27 through the end of February, so at this pace a record may eventually be broken.


    1. Good catch Richard. Through Jan 7th 17 days with measurable snow this season, which is tied for third lowest for this period since 1929-30. Lowest is 14 in 1953-54. Also had 17 days in 1995-96 thru Jan 7th.