Friday, January 25, 2013

Extreme Wind Chill in Atigun Pass

Deep cold air is pouring across the central and eastern Brooks Range this morning, creating extremely low wind chills. The NRCS SNOTEL at the top of Atigun Pass (4800' MSL), the highest point on the Dalton Highway, at 7am AST Friday was reporting a temperature of 36 below with sustained winds of 36 mph, gusting to 45 mph. That's a wind chill of 77 below. Farther west, at Anatuvuk Pass at 9am AST it was 24 below with winds 28 gusting 35 mph, a wind chill of 58 below.



    I select 3X for all reporting stations, plus like to see Temp, Wind, Gust, and Windchill in the winter.


    1. Mesowest is about the best website for viewing and plotting most of the real-time platforms.

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    1. Hello Down Under...I just picked that link as it's quick.

      Here's another fun one from one prog model to note wide area changes:

      How are things down there? I see forest fires are cooking again. I do ham radio and can work you folks from up here pretty well these days with the Sunspots active. Hope to visit your area someday.