Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Record Falls, Another Remains

Courtesy of the FAA
The average daily temperature on Tuesday at Fairbanks was 32ºF, which means that 2013 is now the latest in the spring that Fairbanks has ever gone with zero accumulated thaw degree days.  The high Wednesday has been 39ºF (early morning right with the cold frontal passage), and the low through 7pm AKDT has been just 32ºF. However, it is possible that the temperature could get down to 25ºF by midnight, so the streak might continue.

The inch of snow today is not a record for April 24th. That remains 1.9" in 1941.

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  1. It appears this also ties the record longest period with no thaw degree days (196 days, tied with 1965-66). Brr!