Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Near Record Warm Low at Farbanks

The low temperature Monday at the Fairbanks Airport was just 66ºF, thanks to a persistent breeze overnight. This is one of the warmest daily low temperatures of record for Fairbanks. The warmest WB/NWS era daily minimum temperature is 67ºF set in several days in July 1975 and again in June 1991.  The "record" of 76ºF in June 1915 is virtually certain to be in error, as there was a shower that produced more than a tenth of an inch of rain the same day.

Also, I'm back. An eventful couple of weeks I'll try to recap as time allows.

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  1. I've mentioned/linked this food for thought topic before, either in personal mail or here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tY0RdXmLGdU

    It's one person's opinion (hers), and there's more on the topic by the author via YouTube.

    Her observation of an oddly slowed and looped Jetstream was mimicked this winter and Spring from what I kept track of via the upper air models and flow info I had available.