Sunday, January 29, 2012

More Cold

Cooperative observations in the past 12 hours add more definition to the cold:

Low temperatures Saturday include:
Galena: -63F (cooperative observer, new record for date)
Clear Sky Lodge: -60F (on the Parks Highway near Anderson)
North Pole: -57F (cooperative observer)
Woodsmoke: -57F (near North Pole; cooperative observer)
Goldstream Valley Bottom: -55F

Low temperatures Sunday morning include:
Fort Yukon: -65F (cooperative observer)
Kandik River: -64F (cooperative observer)
Manley Hot Springs: -60F
Bettles: -60F (new record for date)
Chicken: -59F
Circle Hot Springs: -58F
Eagle: -57F (cooperative observer)
Goldstream Creek: -55F
Nenana: -54F
Eielson AFB: -52F
Fairbanks Airport: -51F
UAF West Ridge: -48F

Denali Park VC: -52F (RAWS)
Denali Park Airstrip: -49F
Denali Park Headquarters: -37F


  1. Was Tanana the coldest location in Alaska this January? The average min. for Tanana is -43, that is impressive. wow..

  2. Probably someplace colder than Tanana. I'll investigate and post. Thanks for reading.

  3. Average low temperature for January at Bettles was -45.1F. That's like winter.