Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sunshine Duration Through the Year

The sun sets at Barrow on Friday morning, August 2nd at 157am AKDT for the first time since early May. So here's a plot of possible sunshine (duration the sun is above the horizon) through the year for some representative Alaska location:
I've include 18 months to get the full effect of month the winter minimum and summer maximums.


  1. I have been asked several time by people coming for a summer visit if the Northern Lights will be visible. I keep a chart like this (also showing civil, nautical, and astronomical twilight) to explain why that would not be possible.

    1. For fun then show them this:

      Explain that despite the lack of visibility, the Aurora is often disturbed and may be adversely affecting radio wave propagation. Tell them we in amateur radio use Voodoo to make it go away, and curse it when it doesn't.