Saturday, November 9, 2013

Freezing Rain in Anchorage

* Updated on 11/10

Today was a terrible day to drive anywhere in Anchorage. There was a brief period of snow, the first measurable snow of the season, followed by several hours of freezing drizzle/rain. Since this was the first event, many people have not put their winter (studded) tires on their cars.

What was interesting is that while freezing drizzle was being reported, the upper air sounding for Anchorage reported below freezing temperatures from the surface all the way to the stratosphere (orange line on plot below). Apparently the sounding missed a nose of warm air at about 700 meters as the Glen Alps cooperative station was reporting +2.2°C at the time of the sounding.

* Update. Note the dramatic increase in atmospheric temperatures on today's 12Z sounding.

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