Sunday, June 11, 2017

Heat Update

Here's a list of the highest reliable temperatures observed in the recent heat wave: all are found in the Tanana River valley, from Fairbanks up to the Tok 70SE CRN site (at 2000' elevation, close to the Alaska Highway, and only 10 miles from the border with Canada).

94°F   Tok 70SE
92°F   Whitestone Farms COOP
91°F   Tok #2 COOP (June 9 and June 10)
90°F   North Pole COOP
90°F   Ester 5NE COOP
90°F   Fairbanks Intl AP

The Tok 70SE site experiences a remarkably continental climate with large diurnal temperature ranges in summer; the low temperature on Friday was 43°F, and just 3 days earlier it was 29°F.

Here are the temperatures recorded by the various thermometers at the CRN site, at 5-minute intervals from 5-6pm AKDT on Friday.  The maximum of 34.3°C is 93.7°F; pretty impressive for the 9th of June.

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