Tuesday, December 25, 2018

GOES-17 Satellite Images for Alaska


Rick T. here with a quick Christmas note.

Levi Cowan, who is from Anchorage, runs the well known and well respected website Tropical Tidbits. While Levi's primary interest (and the origianal impetus for  TT) was tropical cyclones, his website is one of the most widely used for accessing numercial weather and climate model data because of the inovative ways he displays the model information. Increasingly he is adding satellite data to the website, and on Christmas Eve 2018 he added an Alaska-centric sector with five different channels from the soon-to-be operational GOES-17. Below is Christmas Day 6-hour loop at 15-minute intervals of the standard infrared channel: there is an immense about of info here.

In addition to high resolution images and loops of the three standard channels (infrared, visble and water vapor), also available are the "natural color" channel (this will be very popular once the sun returns) and a combination visbile/near infrared channel  that provides useful imagery day and night. If you're interested in real-time satellite information for Alaska and vicinity you'll want to bookmark these websites. Happy Holidays.

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