Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Webcam

Yahoo! The FAA's webcam high atop Ester Dome, northwest of UAF, is finally online. Here's the southeast view from 418pm ADT Wednesday. There are also views looking north, southwest and west. You can plainly see Chena Ridge and the Tanana River.


  1. So is all the snow gone by now, judging from the cam's snapshot. Also, has the Chena river began to melt yet or is it still frozen? Thanks

  2. From this camera the ground is not visible til you get to Chena Ridge, about three miles away, and then you see the black spruce (tho some patches of white show snow still on the ground. Still plenty of snow on top of Ester Dome (elevation 2300' MSL). In town though snow cover is getting very patchy.

    Areas of open water on the Chena River are growing. Because of all the hot water dumped into the Chena by the Fort Wainwright and Fairbanks heating plants, there is always some open water in favored areas, even in 40 below weather.


  3. Yippee is right! Thanks for bringing this to our attention!