Saturday, July 20, 2013

Blog Changes

Some changes are in the works for Deep Cold the blog as I've struggled to make time to gin up posts.

To help out with that, a couple of folks with expertise and interest in Alaska weather and climate have agreed to volunteer as Deep Cold post authors. Dr. Brian B. is a long time Anchorage resident with a PhD in Environmental Geography. Dr. Richard J. is a lower-48 consulting meteorologist with expertise in numerical weather modeling and weather risk management.  His travels to Alaska have inspired an avid interest in far northern weather and climate.  The geographic scope of the blog will be increased a bit, with more posts about Alaska weather and climate south of the Alaska Range and probably other high latitudes (roughly north of 60N) areas too.

There are many weather and climate blogs online, so I hope this experiment fills a niche and  keeps quality information on Alaska weather and climate available.


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