Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summer-to-Date Temperatures

Through July 27th, both Fairbanks and Anchorage are well on their way to Top 5 warmest summers on record. As is stands now, Fairbanks is in 4th place with a season-to-date temperature of 65.3F. In first place is the questionable summer of 1915 with 1975 and 2004 close behind – each of those years is approximately a full degree ahead of 2013. For Anchorage, the season-to-date temperature of 59.95F is only 0.2F below the record pace of 2004. The chart below shows the Top 10 warmest summers for each city with the running mean of June 1st through August 31st. The 2013, and 1981-2010 normals are shown and thick solid and thick dashed lines respectively.


  1. Nice chart Brian. I'm partial to these "spaghetti plots".

  2. Yes the info above is easy to visualize. I saw +88 on the FAI East Ramp entry sign today. The grasshoppers that populate the fields near the runways were quite bouncy.

    I think it was Rick that mentioned this recent Polar Low:

    We are enjoying an amazing summer in Alaska. I hope we don't have to pay for it later. But then, maybe after this last winter, this is our reward for sticking it out for yet another year.