Sunday, July 14, 2013

Updated Fairbanks Temperatures

Here's a plot of daily mean temperatures for 2013 (thru Saturday) referenced around normal. Note that the cool spell earlier this month only barely nicked below the one standard deviation "typical temperatures" range. 

This is a bit of a placeholder as I'm trying to decide if I should continue this blog. With my new (since April) job I get a lot of this kind of thing, and it's a requirement that I keep this and work separate. Plus the "burn-out" factor.


  1. I will do it!! I love this kind of stuff and my job also is this stuff albeit in water treatment data. Email me

  2. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would really miss your blog if it disappeared. I think even the archives since 2010 are a wonderful resource of fascinating material, so I hope those stay online regardless. I'd be very happy to help contribute in any way to keeping the blog going.


  3. Oh please don't completely stop! I enjoy this blog a great deal!

  4. Try to maintain this Blog and your energy Rick. It's appreciated.


  5. Please don't stop blogging on here! I've been here a year, but I find your blog so useful in understanding this climate and the weather I've seen. Being from the deep South, most of this is completely new to me.