Monday, July 29, 2013

North Slope Cold Front

It's a raw summer day in Barrow with drizzle, mist, 34 °F, and winds gusting to 30 mph.  The UAF webcam reveals bits and pieces of sea ice along the beach.

A strong cold front went through yesterday just after midday, bringing a sharp temperature drop after late-morning warmth of near 60 °F.  In advance of the front, a substantial amount of rain accompanied the warm, moist airmass: the daily precipitation total of 0.55" and the two-day total of 0.70" are the highest respective precipitation amounts in Barrow in over three years.

Today's pocket of cold air is apparent in the following time-height temperature cross-section for Barrow, which shows a computer forecast for the lower atmosphere beginning at 10 am ADT yesterday; time increases to the right and the vertical axis is pressure in mb.  Surface temperatures near or a little below freezing are possible for the rest of today and into tonight.


  1. I see where Barrow had 6.0" of snow on this date in 1922. It's never to late (or early?) to snow there.

  2. Agreed. Although July snow has become much less common in recent decades... I count 16 July days with 0.5 inches or more from 1921-1963, only 3 since then.