Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Frost Round-Up

Here's a summary of the lowest temperatures reported in the interior in the past couple of days, based on the data I've looked at:

24F  Circle Hot Springs COOP
24F  Bettles Field SNOTEL
26F  Goldstream Creek COOP
27F  Chicken COOP
28F  Eagle AP
28F  McKinley NP AP
29F  Gilmore Creek COOP
29F  Ester 5NE COOP
31F  Eagle COOP
32F  Bettles AP
32F  Eielson AFB
32F  Delta Junction AP
34F  North Pole COOP
34F  Fort Yukon AP
37F  Fairbanks AP

The only one of these reports that appears very unusual is the chilly 24F at Circle Hot Springs.  With more or less continuous historical data from 1940-1974 and then (somewhat less reliably) from 2000-present, yesterday's 24F ties the record for coldest so late in the season.  However, 19F was observed on June 1, 1947.  In more recent years, 24F was observed on May 28, 2008, and 26F on June 21, 2007.

It does bear mentioning that Eagle has never reported a freeze (32F or lower) after such high temperatures earlier in the season.  The closest past events were:

1947 (22F on June 1 after 86F on May 28)
1995 (20F on May 22 after 85F on May 12)
2002 (27F on May 28 after 85F on May 26)

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