Sunday, November 27, 2011

Big Inversion

A pretty decent inversion has developed overnight, with valley temperatures pushing 30 below and higher elevations near zero.

10AM Sunday temperatures include:

Woodsmoke PWS: -33F (near North Pole)
Eielson AFB: -29F
Fairbanks Airport: -27F
Goldstream Creek: -27F

Cleary Summit: +2F
Little Chena Ridge +1F (south of the Steese Highway)
Gilmore Trail PWS: -1F (1440' MSL)
Keystone Ridge: -2F


  1. Hi Rick,
    Looking at the extended forecast, what causes temperatures to skyrocket next Wednesday, and the following days of the next week? Thanks friend

  2. Big ridge aloft building into the eastern Pacific. I've posted the forecast 3am Wednesday from the morning run of the ECMWF.