Monday, November 21, 2011

Coldest Early Season Week of Record at Fairbanks

The airmass cooled dramatically during the day Sunday but few clouds showed up, allowing for another very cold day. At the Fairbanks Airport, the morning low of 34 below, but the temperature fell to 37 below during evening, breaking the previous record of 36 below set in 1993.

For the week of Nov 14-20, the average temperature at the Fairbanks Airport was -27.6F. This is the lowest weekly average temperature of record so early in the season. The previous record was -26.5F set Nov 7-13, 1989. It is also very close to the coldest week anytime in November since 1930, when the Weather Bureau began observations: currently that record is -27.9F set November 21-27, 1948. That record will likely be broken after today. Prior to 1930, there are a couple of end-of-November cold snaps that far exceed what we've had thus far: In 1927, the average temperature Nov 24-30 was -36.6F and the same week in 1909 had an average temperature of -34.3F

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