Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cold Moving East

The eastern Interior hung on to clouds a couple days longer that central and western sections, but skies have cleared now and temperatures fallen. The low of 46 below at Northway ties the record low for November 20th. Other low temperatures include 46 below at the Tok PWS, 45 below at Chicken and 43 below at Eagle before the wind picked up.

This morning's photo is the 11am view from Lake Minchumina, looking southeast toward Denali and the sunshine.


  1. What is your prediction for this January? Will it be colder than the average or about the same? Are we going to see a repeat of the 1971 January, the coldest winter in Alaska's history

  2. LoL…
    Records are tough to break, and January 1971 was an exceptionally cold month, which is the coldest calendar month of record at Fairbanks. For the mid-winter season(December through February), there have been several colder than 1970-71.

    So I would not forecast January to be that cold just on general principles.