Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More Record Lows

Here's the NOAA-19 Polar orbiter infrared image from 2pm AST Wednesday, showing cold air pooled in the valleys and clouds south and east of Fairbanks.

A few more record lows have been registered in the Fairbanks area, including 37 below at UAF West Ridge and 46 below at North Pole. This is not the coldest weather so early in the season. In 1989 a similar cold snap produced a low temperature of 46 below to North Pole and 44 below at Eielson AFB on November 13th.


  1. Hi Rick,
    Why are north pole and Eielson AFB always much colder than Fairbanks, despite being located further south? Also, are the very opaque white clouds at the Canadian side of the map indicating extremely cold temperatures, much colder than those in the Interior right now? Thanks

  2. Reposted:


    See the next post about Eielson/North Pole area. That's cold cirrus clouds toward the Yukon Border. Weather satellite are looking down and for infrared images, "measuring" the temperature of what they "sees", whether that be cloud or the ground.