Monday, December 17, 2012

Coldest December Temperature

View from UAF West Ridge Sunday, Dec 16, 2012

Through 8am Monday the low temperature at Fairbanks Airport has been 48 below. This is not only not a record low for December 17th (52 below in 1917), but on only two days in December (the 1st and 2nd) would 48 below be cold enough for a new record.

That said, this is the coldest December temperature since 1999, when the temperature fell to 53 below on New Years Eve (and the dense ice fog caused cancellation of the big fireworks planned to celebrate the end of the millennium). Even more notably, this is the lowest pre-Christmas temperature in Fairbanks since 1977, when it dipped to 52 below on December 13th.

Specific low temperatures Monday include:

Fairbanks Airport: -48F
Fort Wainwright: -48F
Woodsmoke PWS: -48F (near North Pole)
Salcha River 25 Mile: -47F
Goldstream Creek: -46F
Eielson AFB: -44F
UAF West Ridge: -41F
College Hills: -30F
Keystone Ridge: -25F

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