Thursday, September 3, 2015

Announcement and Invitation

Regular readers who reside in Fairbanks may be interested to know that I will be giving a talk at UAF on Monday September 21 (11 am); all are very welcome to attend.  I'll be discussing the relationship between the North Pacific "blob" of very warm SSTs and Alaska winter climate.  Here's the announcement page, including a rather outdated photo of yours truly:

I'll be staying in Fairbanks for several days and would also like to set up an informal gathering for blog readers - if there's interest from others.  I'd be grateful for any suggestions of a suitable establishment where we might enjoy some conversation and perhaps a bite to eat.  I imagine early evening would work best; I'll be available from Sep 18-21 inclusive.  Significant others and/or children would be welcome.  Feel free to leave a comment below, or email me at richard [dot] james [at]


  1. Hello Richard and a pre-welcome to Fairbanks. If I'm back in town from Fall camping I'll try to attend the presentation and have a visit. The talk would be very interesting and worth attending.

    Be cautioned, WX around the Solstice can get wet and cool for some reason. Perhaps we will escape that unpleasantness this year. I think this has been discussed before.

    Maybe a short outlook as your trip approaches would be in order?


    1. Thanks Gary, I hope to see you if it's convenient. I'll keep you posted on plans for a gathering.

      Interesting observation regarding the solstice - thanks.