Friday, May 20, 2011

Fire in Goldstream Valley

There is large fire burning up the north side of the ridge above Goldstream Valley, reportedly started by power lines arcing in the high winds. Photo by Julie M. looking from the IARC building looking north, about 440pm ADT

6pm Friday update: flames on the top of ridge clearly visible from IARC. This is very bad.

830pm Saturday update: 130+ people are working this fire, and it has been much less active today. Amazingly, apparently no injuries and no homes lost. However, unseasonably warm and mostly dry weather will continue for the indefinite future, which means this will be of concern for a long time to come.


  1. I have some experience with bush fires - is this far from you? I have family off MD Rd and have been checking out the maps and I see the wind is from the East as I started to view this morning.

  2. This is 10 miles from our house, closer to your family.

    Incident link is

  3. Yes, I have got my old Alaska Gazetteer out and established the relative locations. Geez, the Interior needs some rain.