Thursday, June 9, 2011

Some rain better than no rain

Through Wednesday, June 8th, only 0.08 inches of rain at fallen at Fairbanks Airport since May 1st. This is the lowest total during that time since 1915. Rain has increased across the area Thursday morning, with some places, though not in town, picking up a tenth of an inch or more of rain. A few areas on the east side of Fairbanks are pushing a quarter inch. Not much, but we'll take all we can can, with the Hastings fire now up over 24000 acres.

Updated: as of late afternoon the rain is about over. Some totals since midnight included

Fairbanks Airport : 0.08 inches
Keystone Ridge: 0.08 inches
Caribou Peak: 0.10 (north of Poker Flats)
Goldstream Hills PWS: 0.17 inches
Fairbanks RAWS: 0.18 inches (on Fort Wainwright)
Bias Drive PWS: 0.22 inches (near Weller School)
Chatanika River RAWS: 0.26 inches (9 miles NW of Murphy Dome)
Gilmore Creek: 0.32 inches (near Fox)
Munson Ridge SNOTEL: 0.41 inches (south of Chena Hot Spring, 3100' MSL)

Not anywhere near enough, but it's a start.

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