Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Snow update

This photo gives an idea of the snowfall here in the past 36 hours.

Through 9am Wednesday, 23.1 inches of snow here at Keystone Ridge since 6pm Monday. The maximum 24 hour total was 18.7 inches, 10pm Monday to 10pm Tuesday, by far the highest 24 hour amount in the 16 years here on the hill. This also pushes the seasonal total up over 100 inches.

Other event total snowfalls include

14 Mile Chena Hot Springs Road: 14.9"
Goldstream Creek: 13.5"
College Hills 12.5"
UAF West Ridge: 11.0"
Woodsmoke 8.6" (through 10pm Tuesday)
Fairbanks Airport: 8.6" (through midnight Tuesday night)

I'll update as more observations arrive.


  1. Thats a pretty good dumping. What kind of snow ratios did you have? Was it upslope flow that gave you so much more on the ridge?

  2. Hi Matthew,

    Snow ratios throughout Fairbanks-land were around 30-1. SW flow aloft produced persistent bands of snow Tuesday PM north of town. Also very unstable, with a vertical total of 32 on the 00Z Wednesday RAOB.


  3. Ok, cool. That is some pretty fluffy snow!

  4. I appreciate the science behind it, Rick, but I also think your photo just looks great! Looks like a lot of shoveling ;-) All in all, the past year reminds me of winters I can remember.