Monday, July 12, 2010

Spectacular Rainfall in the Fortymile Country

The Chicken RAWS wound up with 2.75" of rain for the 24 hours ending at 120am ADT, and an event total of 2.83". The cooperative observer at Chicken, who lives several miles from the RAWS, reported an event total of 3.20" with, unsurprisingly, flooding on area creeks. The cooperative observer at OBrien Creek, on the Taylor Highway between Chicken and Eagle, reported about 3.20" of rain for the event. the Fortymile River at the Taylor Highway Bridge had the highest crest of record. This is really remarkable for this part of the world. The Alaska-Pacific RFC map of 24 hour precip ending 4AM Monday illustrates the storm nicely.

Update 830am Tuesday

The News-Miner reports flooding has closed the Taylor Highway north of Chicken, with some folks stranded:

Updated 330pm Tuesday

I added the hydrograph for the Fortymile River showing the record crest.

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