Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thunderstorms around Fairbanks

A series of thunderstorms in the Fairbanks area Saturday evening brought copious rain and unusually widespread hail. Rainfall amounts exceeding an inch were reported around town, including 1.6 inches in Hamilton Acres and Creamers Field. 1.4 inches at Fairbanks midtown and 1.3 inches in Lemeta (there was a small amount, mostly less then 0.1" of rain in the morning, so hard to tell exactly how much from the thunderstorms). There was a sharp line to the south of town, with either zero or trace amounts in the North Pole area south of Badger Road. Most of the hail reports were of pea-sized, though a few larger, up too one-half inch. Some spots had multiple hail episodes. Here is the lightning strike map from the Alaska Fire Service.

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