Saturday, September 25, 2010

First subzero temps of the season

Beaver Creek RAWS (Southwest of Fort Yukon) reported a low of 5 below this morning, and the Chalkytisk RAWS (actually half way between Fort Yukon and Chalkytisk) had -3F, and Circle Hot Springs Coop 0F.

In the greater Fairbanks area, winds died off in some, but not all valley locations. Where winds went calm, lows included +2F at the SalchaRiver RAWS, 11F at Chatanika (Mile 43 Steese) and 13F at Goldstream Creek and Birch Lake DOT. Valley locations that kept a wind were mostly in the 20s, including at least some of the usually colder North Pole area sites.

Also, this morning was the first RAOB to be completely below freezing.

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