Monday, September 13, 2010

Latest "First Freeze" at North Pole

North Pole's long term climate site finally got down to freezing Sunday morning (after a low of 33F August 22nd), with a low of 30F. This is the first freeze of the season there, and is by four days the latest first freeze in the autumn in 42 years of records. The previous latest first freeze was September 8, 1990. The histogram at the left shows the distribution of first freeze dates at North Pole. The growing season (number of days between freezing temperatures) this summer of 118 days is the longest of record in North Pole, 10 days more than the 1990 season. Other lows so far this autumn include 33F at UAF West Ridge, 34 at the Experiment Station, 35F at the Airport, and 39F on Keystone Ridge.

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