Sunday, April 10, 2011

North Slope Spring

It's a lovely early spring weekend on the North Slope. Along the coast, temperatures in the teens below with 10 to 20 mph winds. Inland, light winds and cold. Through 6am Sunday, low temperatures include 33 below at Ivotuk, southwest of Umiat, 27 below at Umiat and Sag River and 24 below at Anaktuvuk Pass. Here's the web cam photo from Saturday evening at Umiat.

Updated: low at Umiat was -28F


  1. Rick, I liked this view of Umiat but was unable to locate the webcam site - I actually happened on to some sort of virus threat and was not keen to look further. Could you please advise the site ID? Thanks. Terry

  2. Did you try this link: it has all three cams

    Let me know if this is causing problems for you. May be another way in