Saturday, August 6, 2011

Not Much Frost

Skies were never able to clear overnight so there was not much in the way of freezing temperatures in the Fairbanks area. The low at the airport was 44F, but even Goldstream Creek only got to 36F, which is nothing for there (they had 4 days in July with a min temp of 32F or less). Eielson AFB also got to 36F. The coop site at Mile 42 Steese Highway did report a low of 30F. To the north of Fairbanks there were less clouds, and Livengood RAWS reported a low of 28F, and 31F at Seven Mile, just north of the Yukon River on the Dalton Highway.


  1. Was looking out for your comments on this - but it made a good talking point yesterday :-)

  2. If it had been clear overnight some of the low spots would have nicked freezing.