Monday, May 14, 2012

Cool May Morn

Temperatures fell overnight as skies cleared and the airmass remains on the cool side. Low temperatures Monday morning were near or below freezing in much of Fairbanks-land, including

Goldstream Creek: 22F
Eielson AFB: 28F
UAF West Ridge: 28F
Fort Wainwright: 30F
Fairbanks Airport: 30F
Keystone Ridge: 32F
Cleary Summit: 35F
 (Photo Monday morning courtesy of the Alaska Climate Research Center)


  1. I'm actually surprised there wasn't more of an inversion. Only 10 degrees between Keystone Ridge and Goldstream Creek. Maybe there's not enough "night" for it to cool more.


  2. Without snow cover, when the airmass is cool, as it has been, the inversions are not so strong. Certainly with a warm airmass big inversions are possible. I think I did a post from last June about a 20+ degree inversion one morning.

  3. Hmmmm ok, maybe the ground is too warm for strong inversions with a cool airmass.