Thursday, October 11, 2012

First Sub-Zero Temperatures of the Season

It helps to have snow on the ground to get temperatures down below zero, but you don't need it. A number of places got that cold this morning, and most of those places have no snow cover at all. These are the first subzero temperatures of the season in Alaska. Here's an FAA webcam photo from the Eagle Airport Thursday afternoon, where the low temperature was 1 below.
Courtesy of the FAA

Other lows Thursday morning included:

Chicken: -5F (snow early last week all melted)
Chalkyitsik RAWS: -4F (east of Fort Yukon)
Tok CWOP: 0F
Kandik River Coop: +5F


  1. If the historical weather stats on wunderground are correct, then the lows for Chicken and Chalkyitsik would be record minimums right?

    1. Neither Chicken or Chalkyitsik RAWS have long enough record of observations for daily records to be meaningful. As usual with climate stuff, 30 years would be a good start. Also, note that the Chalkyitsik RAWS is not at Chalkyitsik, but is actually about half way between Fort Yukon and Chalkyitsik.