Monday, October 1, 2012

Heavy Snow in the FortyMile County

An innocuous looking cloud mass associated with weak closed low aloft brought heavy snow to a small area in far eastern Interior Sunday into early Monday. The NOAA-19 polar orbiter image from  543am ADT Monday shows a hint of the closed low center just southeast of Chicken.

The cooperative observer at Chicken reported 8.0 inches of snow (0.60 inches liquid) Monday morning. Chicken is at about 1800' MSL, and no doubt higher elevations along the Taylor Highway received more. Eagle reported exactly the same amount of liquid as Chicken, but because Eagle is almost 1000' lower elevation, the precipitation fell as rain or mixed rain and snow, with no accumulation in Eagle proper. There was just a dusting at Tok and Northway.


  1. What is causing temperatures to spike into the 50s? Thanks

    1. Big Ridge in the Gulf of Alaska. New post for you on this. Thanks for asking. Rick