Saturday, May 4, 2013

Big Snowfall and Precip Differences Across Area This Week

Amidst  the cold temperatures, this week has been persistently snowy, at least in parts of the area. This morning's view from Keystone Ridge sure looks like winter.

With temperatures getting above freezing each afternoon at low elevations it's not really possible to get consistent measurements. That said, here are some totals for Monday April 29th through Saturday morning, May 4th.

Updated with additional info:

Keystone Ridge (1600' MSL): 0.89" precip and 17.5" snow
Gilmore Creek CRN (1184' MSL): 0.30" precip NA snow
East Farmers Loop (705' MSL): 0.36" precip and 4.8" snow
UAF West Ridge (610' MSL): 0.34" precip and 5.3" snow
Goldstream Valley Bottom (580' MSL): 0.33" precip and 6.9" snow
North Pole (475' MSL): 0.16" precip and 0.5" snow
Aurora (450' MSL): 0.40" precip and 1.2" snow
Fairbanks Midtown (445' MSL): 0.28" precip and 3.8" snow
Fairbanks Airport (434' MSL): 0.35" precip and 4.8" snow

Obviously it would be nice to have more info from elevation, but notice that the CRN at Gilmore Creek has had only a third of liquid as Keystone. This is probably a function of the southwest flow aloft and borderline downslope flow (at least of Friday).  Unfortunately the SNOTEL data appears to be corrupt for at least some of the sites at the NCRS website.

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  1. What a wonderful photo... thanks for sharing. Amazing to see at this time of year.